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My name is Lebo from Cullinan, my husband was having an affair with my best friend and I came to know when I went back home early and caught them read handed making love on our bed! I fought the woman but I was surprised my husband chose her over me when I told him to decide who he loves. He even packed his clothes and left with my best friend and they started to stay together! This was so painful for me to accept my friend stole my man. I lost appetite and even got fired at work because of depression. 

I called my husband to apologize and ask him to come back home but he refused to pick my calls. I went to pastors and Profs to seek help but nothing happened. I met a friend told her my problems she counseled me and told me about Prof. Desmond and Mama Marry who also helped her when her husband wanted a divorce her. Her 27 years daughter had lost her boyfriend but Mama Mary and Prof Desmond restored their love back and her boyfriend later paid her for Lobola


I called Mama Mary because I needed to speak to a lady and asked to meet her in person she accepted and directed me to her office. When I reached there the next day I explained my problems and we did spiritual spells for 2 days and on the 3rd day my husband called me pleading to talk to me. In the evening I found him home seated. When he saw me, he knelt down and asked me for forgiveness. He told me he dumped that friend of mine that she didn’t have manners. I forgave him and we got back together. After a week I was shocked when my boss called and told me that I should get back on my job. When I went there I got promoted right away! He confessed to me later that he had been hard on me to fire me so he rewarded my by promoting me.


Thank you Mama Mary and Prof Desmond for changing my life. Please women do not bring your women  friends closer to your men some wish to have the life that you have. They might snatch your men forever. I am lucky Prof and Mama Mary helped me.

For those of you with the same problems like I was or other problems don’t waste your money. Mama Mary and Prof. Desmond  is the answer.


There is nothing much I can do for them apart from telling the public about the most trusted Spell casters and spiritualists. I will forever be thankful to you and also tell my friends about your good works.


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