Nelisiwe's encounter with a Powerful healer

By Nelisiwe Dindi · May 21, 2021
Nelisiwe's encounter with a Powerful healer picture

My name is Nelisiwe based in Roodepoort Gauteng. I am a 35-year-old mother of two (2) and happily married to my husband (40 years). We have been married for nine (9) years but it hasn’t been a bed of roses for us. Our marriage kicked off on a very right foot as we are high school lovers and our families are good friends.


After school, we both easily got recruited for jobs as we had both excelled in our respective categories. Few years into our employments after saving some good money we decided to get married in a lavish ceremony which was graced by very many important people in our families.


Our marriage has been fruitful as we have been blessed with two kids. Everything was well with us until my husband was transferred to another province for work. He could only come home once a month (month end). And whenever he would come home he would be someone different from the one we knew all along. He would make secret calls in the bathroom and around the yard. 


On one fateful evening, he forgot to lock his phone when taking a bath and I looked into his WhatsApp messages. I nearly collapsed by yet again I wanted to read more and understand. I put his phone away and pretended I didn’t see anything but in the actual sense, I was deeply hurt and shattered inside. But yet again I loved my husband so much to the extent that I could afford to lose him.


I am a strong person spiritually but my spirit was put to a maximum test. When I spoke to my friend Lerato the entire story about the changes in my husband’s behaviour, she comforted me and promised to he help me. To cut the long story short, she took me to several healers around and beyond but there was no change in my husband’s behaviour instead it even got worse to the point of threatening to kick me out of our home. The kids had picked up the fight between the two of us. It became a very heavy burden on me. But I never gave up on hoping to find a solution.


After failing on several occasions but without giving up, I got blessed! On one Saturday I met one of my old girlfriend whom we had been together in high school. As we were catching up I brought up my life story about my husband and the situation I am faced with. My friend looked in the eyes and told me she had a similar experience with her husband too and she got help from someone she didn’t expect and asked if I could be daring enough to try her out.


She narrated to me her story with a spiritual healer called Papa Mendi. He helped her with financial problems after the bank wanted to take her home. She had failed to pay the home loan. He also helped her other friend with reuniting her with her husband and also helped them to conceive after so many failed attempts in 12years. I immediately got interested and requested and requested for his contacts. Unfortunately she didn't have it on her at that particular moment. But promised to send it to me as soon as she finds it in her diary. Two days later she sent me the contact of Papa Mendi!


I contacted Papa Mendi during the following week and she gave me two options. Either to come to his office or help me online. I decided to go to him and he performed spiritual rituals with me and before I left her office my husband called me and promised to have a talk with me when I got home. After a long talk over the phone when I returned home, he promised to come home immediately so that we could finish all we talked about in person. He returned home the following day and he went on his knees and apologized for all the mistakes he did in our marriage. I was so surprised seriously. I forgave him for everything he did thanks to Papa Mendi's good counselling skills because he really helped me to calm down and let go of the past.

I don't have much to give to Papa Mendi  apart from thanking him and telling the world about a good and loving spiritual Man. Anyone who needs help I can share his number call or WhatsApp


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