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This session can be done in person, telephonically, online (WhatsApp video Call / Skype) 

Throughout life, we have questions and concerns about the way forward, some guidance on how to stay true to ourselves, and still reach our goals.

This session will give you personal guidance about yourself and what you are manifesting at the moment. It will also give you insight and guidance on specific questions in your life. Lastly, it will help you If you want to know how to tap in or connect to your higher self to change and create your future.

I look into your past relate it to the present for you to understand where you are in the course of your life journey. Then I help you iron out any spiritual hindrances from your path. You can contact to make appointment. Reading is done daily from 8:00pm to 10:00pm excluding Wednesday .  Contact me through my Whatsapp No. by call, sms or Video or Just click on the Whatsapp logo below to connect to me.

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